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(Visited on October 15, 2011)

Bellevue Burgermaster

A straight-up burger, nothing fancy, served to you in your car (just like in the "Olden Days"), or if you like, you can have it bagged up to-go. 

The Burgermaster we go to, as we did this time, is the one on Northup Way in Bellevue, just off the Hwy 520.  It's a Drive-In of the original stripe where you park under a partial cover and you're served by car-hops (sorry, no roller skates), and in keeping with the old-timey theme, they pipe in "Oldies" music over the outside speakers.  For service, just turn on your headlights.

Their primary stock in trade, as you might guess from the name of the place, is their burgers, but they do have other items to tempt you with as well. Their Grilled Crab and Swiss is pretty good; it's pretty much like their Tuna Melt, but with Dungeness Crab instead of the Tuna.  Be careful with that one though, it's one of those sandwiches where you chomp down on one side and the stuffing comes out the've been warned!  

When we go the the BM, our auto-reflex is to go for their Combo #2 with their Burgermaster (Ground Beef, American Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, Relish on a Toasted Bun), fries and a Coke. That's what we each had this time, but with an added a side of onion rings.  Sometimes, if it occurs to me, I'll substitute their Burgermaster for their Baconmaster, which is the same burger but with 3 slices of bacon added to it.  This might be a good place to mention that their burgers can be messy, at least I've found that to be true.  We always ask for extra napkins, and where I used to tuck one in my collar for a bib, they now offer little plastic bibs.  Ah, progress!

If you're wondering (and some people do), all their beef is locally grown, hormone-free and antibiotic-free.  I know this because it says so right on their menu placard, and I have no reason to doubt them.

There are 5 Burgermaster locations in the known universe, and they're all in the Greater Seattle area.  I've only been to two of them; their University Village location (when I was but a wee lad) and their Bellevue location (in these more modern times).  They can also be found in Everett, Mill Creek and on Aurora Ave.  Where the Bellevue location is a Drive-In, the University location is a sit-down place.  The rest of 'em?  I couldn't tell you; if you know, leave a comment so we'll all know!

Is it worth the stop?  We go there all the time, so yeah, we think so; and, legend has it, so does Bill Gates, who's been known to forget his wallet.  He's good for it though, right?

On my three tier scale of "Worth A Trip", "Worth A Stop" and "Drive On By", both my wife and I rated our burgers as "Worth A Trip".

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